Location selected for $10M Abbotsford affordable housing project

Project proposed for Fuller Street and Old Yale Road, original post by Abbotsford Times, 

Site has been chosen for appriximately 60 homes,  $10 million affordable housing project announced earlier this month.

BC Housing announced in early April that the Mamele’awt Qweesome Housing Society (MQHS) had been awarded the money, which comes out of a previously announced $355 million fund for affordable housing.

The organization has now applied to the city to build the project near the intersection of Fuller Street and Old Yale Road, and earlier this week the organization held its first open house for the project.

In a press release, MQHS said the project is still in its early stages, but an application is expected to be submitted to the City of Abbotsford “in the coming days.”


While MQHS’s original focus was on helping Aboriginal people who moved to cities, and the development will be “rooted in Indigenous culture” the group said in a press release issued earlier this month that the project will also be open to non-aboriginal individuals and families.


“This is exactly what it says it is – affordable housing,” MQHS CEO Janice Silver said in a press release posted today in the Abbotsford Times. “That means, it is just like any other rental housing development with the only differentiation being that the rents will be below market.” "Current Rent in the area of Central Abbotsford is now over $1000/month for the average 1 bedroom and den type condo, 2 bedroom condos are renting from betweem $1050-$1450 depending on the area" sites local realtor Joe Pratap of Sutton West Coast Realty.  "Not only is there a massive demand for lower cost rentals, the average rental rate has almost hit the same average monthly rate as other cities like Langley. Abbotsford is a very popular place to invest, and rentals are hard to find and very expensive"


For more information on the project keep an eye on the city of Abbotsford planning and Joe Pratap Realtor on Facebook. 


Joe Pratap Personal Real estate Corporation 


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The new $600,000 home.

If you would have asked me back in 2006 when we were looking at town homes in West Cloverdale at the time, if I had imagined the town homes we were looking at were going to double in value, I would have laughed it off.

But today, I am confirming the new benchmark $600,000 home in Surrey and Langley is now the double garage (side by side) town home.

Back in July 2016, I had a coffee with one of my favorite industry friends, Mortgage Experts Alex McFadyen (you may know him as the mortgage pug guy) At that meeting in July I told Alex, by the end of next summer the luxury town house will be the new $600,000 home.

Alex did not call me a liar, in fact we both figured it would happen eventually. The real estate market being so hot, mortgage rates being so low. Prices were increasing.

Flash forward to March 2017 (present day)

Now a few months before summer, that conversation between two industry guys who happen to work with many buyers of real estate every year, has come true sooner then expected.

In the past 3 weeks, 3 double garage (side by side) town homes surpassed sales of over $600,000. Most recently, this week a Clayton Heights listing of $599,999 hit a sale of $612,500. Nothing special about the home, it was nice, but nothing special.

Depending on when you read this, If you are a seller of this type of property, the good news is by the time you read this article that product you own, a double garage (side by side) basement room town home, may actually be closer to $620,000.

The home that you and I grew up in, that was fairly large on a piece of land that cost our parents a small fortune (although those numbers seem laughable now)  Is no more, is out of reach for most with the exception of the wealthy or those well off enough to be able to afford a detached home.

Why are these types of homes the new $600,000 bench mark? Well, with supply remaining very very low from Vancouver to Abbotsford, prices are on the rise, as the number of buyers is out weighing sellers, by a minimum 10-1. Properties are netting multiple offers just like last year, selling over asking just like last year, but here’s the wrench in the propeller of the industry; Mortgage lending policy is stricter. People can afford less. The detached home that was 599-799 is now in the high 800s. If it has a suite could be even higher. (depending on your city)

So, for those young families, people wanting mores space then the tandem traditional town home, this is the new luxury home they can buy. The prices are up 5-15% over last year in Cloverdale and Langley.

For that buyer : They want a bit of a yard, they want a bit more space, they want a side by side garage, this is now what they can buy. Disappointing? Perhaps. But this is the shroud reality, and price to live in this beautiful place we all want to call home.

So, if this type of home is not what you want, if paying $600,000 for a strata town home in Cloverdale turn you off but you want to still get into the market where do you go? What do you do?

For some, driving 35-40 minutes to Abbotsford is the easiest option. Where that town home is now lowered to $500,0000-$525,000. Or a detached home, older built in the 80s can be purchased for high $500s (as of now) Or for some driving even further, to Promontory Heights, Vedder, Garrison crossing or other popular Chilliwack areas is a better answer. In these areas, a 2 story home on a lot around 6500 square feet can be purchased for $600,000.

The market is very busy, always changing.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, text me and let’s grab a coffee 6049920616.


Joe Pratap





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Well it is almost 11:00pm. Today was a busy day. Drove almost 120 kms today, 3 showings with 2 different buyers in Abbotsford and Langley. 

One offer was made early this morning on a town home in Cloverdale. The buyer, his 4th attempt on getting a town home for himself. Other offers he previously had made had not been accepted, all of which he made were over asking. Meanwhile, on the other side of Clayton Heights, a young family made an offer on a large town house. This family it was there 3rd offer, Both previous ones not accepted, both offers were great offers and again for over asking price. 

This is spring 2017 Real Estate in BC. 

From Vancouver, to hope, every where in between we are welcoming back two un wanted guests for the most part; The Multiple offer scenario and The Subject Free offer. Both of whom from active potential buyers and even more so Real Estate Agents working with large amounts of Buyers are already fed up with and wishing they would both Go to hell already. This is the sometimes often over heated, frustrating and hard to fathom market place we are in when it comes to Real Estate.  

For the two buyers, I was working with today, evening came with not great news. Both homes they loved, not able to buy, both sold to someone else. Subject FREE, once again. Now, at some point in time frustration sets in. For most of my some dozen active buyer clients its after the third or fourth un accepted offer when things get to the point of hair starting to be pulled and names starting to be called, often cursing at the listing agent or seller, or everyone from Christy Clark and the liberal government to the PM himself. One thing is certain; Something has to give. In the media, there is reporting of changes to mortgage finance get little attn these days, but one thing that seems to over shadow is the media reporting on increasing housing costs. As of today, March 2017, the government has introduced a foreign buyers tax, a vacant home tax (vancouver city) and stricter rule changes to mortgage sector, favoring the big banks. Taking away choices to the consumer, less competitive interest rates for qualifying, and now even a potential loan interest free for 5 years to spark first time home buyers and help get into the market. 

But, as it stands there is a definite issue at hand that seems to get no attn or little with other then the main players at stake who value there client over there pay check most days, for example Mortgage guru Dustin Woodhouse. He recently published an article (available on his blog at http://dustanwoodhouse.ca ) Calling out for a change to material of the purchase contracts for pre owned homes, suggesting perhaps we have a mandatory recession period to a real estate contract similar to that of a new construction contract, where a buyer could with draw from a deal within a certain time frame. 

But the issue, like Mr. Woodhouse discusses very passionately is particularly concerning when discussing the over heating of the market, and the frustration of those trying to get in. 

As a Full Time real estate agent who is proud to produce in the Top 10% of all real estate agents in the Fraser Valley (Medallion Club as its referred to) the offer process has not only become tougher every single year for a buyer to get an offer accepted and become a home owner, but it is probably the toughest time right now to be a Real Estate agent. 

The comments of, "Oh the real winners are the sellers and agents" are abundant, but either people making the comments are oblivious to the process involved in buying a home, or are just assuming the sellers agents are the only type of agency relationship out there, Maybe a mix. I can tell you as of now, this is the most frustrating time I have ever had to deal with as an agent of over 5 years. Not being able to call a client with good news is tough. Showing clients 10x the amount of homes it would normally have taken 3 years ago is difficult, but as a buyers agent don’t forget, they are paid when they sell a home and the deal closes. Agents running around and making offers may be busy, but they are not getting paid. They are getting paid if there buyers get offers accepted, that’s it. It is a tough go right now in the real estate industry for agents working with buyers. 


And I strongly do believe buyers will eventually start saying no to the high prices sooner or later. Which is going to fuel the rental market even more. 


When does this all end? do prices just continue to soar past the bulk of most of pur annual earnings? Will a bubble pop? Will the idiot wall street hedge fund who ever actually predict a melt down for the 589th time and actually get it right? 

Does not look like it right now. In fact, looks to be getting busier then last week. Busier then last month. Busier then last spring. But when? Surely prices can not just keep going up every where.. 


Some people are asking what can be done? How they can get into the market? Why our government who seems to want to be active in policy and change, are not stepping in to help potential buyers who want to own a home get into the market, why no substance change has been met, or for that matter why there is no one lobbying at the moment to help cool things a little. 


I realize a magnitude of changes needs to happen to have any merit or value. Changes to real estate contracts perhaps, maybe a waiting period like Mr. Woodhouse suggests. 

Perhaps some type of disclosure if a buyer who is relying on a mortgage is obtaining one, instead of a "subject free offer" and hoping for the best while really just lying out right and leaving them selves us protected while doing so. 


I have said it personally for almost 2 years now, perhaps a multiple offer registry needs to be done where agents maybe are forced to actually follow rules of co operation and professional standards and clean up the way offers are coming in, levelling a playing field and perhaps showing how many offers are received and dates and times. Maybe even as far as showing if an offer is above the stated listing price on the MLS. with some type of color code.

That part I do not know for sure. 


But one thing is for sure, buyers are getting fed up, Agents are getting fed up, and change to policy is needed to cool off and clean up the buying and selling process here in BC. Other wise, if the government did not want to actually cool things off, what was the point of implementing a tax on foreign buyers? besides you know, wanting the extra revenue at the cost of sounding and appearing a tad racist. Trying to recall what the stand our premier was standing behind read at the press conferences held last year, oh yes "Taking action on housing Affordability" 


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This is a question I get asked dozens of times every year, so many times I decided to add a BLOG link to canada post explaining how to deal with. 


Have a quick read here, and after about 60 days you should have your problem at least 90% fixed. (some third party spam mail will always come and never seems to stop) 




Was this helpful? Leave me a review on facebook @joeprataprealestategroup 

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Super excited and greatful to announce I have received the 2017 Medallion Award for Top Producing Realtors in The Fraser Valley- Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Thank you to my amazing clients, friends and family for your continued support and referals. You guys are amazing. 




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Is selling or buying a home in the Fall the right move?

Traditional real estate has taught us that historically, the most amount of listings to sell have always been in the spring to early summer months. However, if you have paid attn at all to the Real estate market in British Columbia it has been far from traditional or predictable for some time now. Although a vast majority of home sellers look to the spring to make that move, Does that mean that it is necessarily the best time to sell in the spring? what about buy? 

Well if you are a buyer who is looking to find a new place to call home within the next 90 days or so, now is the time if you are wanting the best price, as well as the ability to have a solid offer with subjects and time to get those subjects done. When the 2016 spring market was in full swing we saw buyers not able to do there due dilligence sometimes and have to write offers with NO subjects or little subjects just in order to get an offer accepted. This spring 2017 is looking like we are going to be right back at the crazyness of a heated market with low listings. Meaning this spring it is very likely you will see a multiple offer type market similar to the one we saw this year. So if you are buying, taking advantage of the fall market will not only save you some money but it will definately save you some sanity. 

One other thing to consider if you are a buyer is historically low interest rates still remain. With only one of the BIG banks increasing the interest rates obtainable thus far, owning is still a very affordable option. 

Now if you are a seller, Is Selling in the Fall for you? Well a lot of factors may play a part in influencing your decision, time and dates for example. Selling in November and December would often mean closing and moving in January and February. But as far as highest interest and peak pricing to be received, many properties in the Fraser Valley have not dropped or dipped in sales prices. For exampls strata properties under $500,000. These affordable housing options remain in high demand, and are still selling very quickly and for top dollar. The same can be said for detached homes in the $550,000-$800,000 range with mortgage helper suites. These properties are in high demand, and listings are scarce. These properties are also selling for top dollar. 

One thing to note, although we are seeing less multiple offer situations, sellers are still getting a fair price if the home is in good condition, shows well and is priced correctly. 


So to recap, if you are buying, great time, avoiding stressful situations that will arise this coming spring, and potentially saving a little money. 


Selling still getting a good price for your home, less multiple offers with the exceptions of a few property styles. 


Thanks for reading I would love your questions and comments, text or reply on here 6049920616 jpratap@sutton,com 

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Hey everyone I know your thinking, "Joe why on earth would you give real estate advise to a for sale by owner" 

Well, its simple: A home for sale is inventory, I sell real estate for a living. If inventory is low, that is not good for business. I as a real estate agent, I rely on there being homes for sale so buyers can and want to purchase homes. So regardless if a home is listed with an agent, or a for sale by owner, it is in my best interest. 

Truth be told, I have actually sold many For Sale By Owner properties for buyers and I created this guide to help in the sale of business like mine. 


So here we go.


1. Price!  Price!  Price! 

 I can tell by looking at a home in less then 5 minutes, what a home is worth in the market the home is situated in.  Why? because my experience combined with the tools available to me allow me to be able to do this.

 But hold on a second. If a seller wants to sell a home buy owner decides to put his  own home for sale them self,  they usually in almost every case I can remember, consult the advice of a Realtor. Almost always. A Realtor is going to suggest a listed price on your home.  This is where almost all FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sellers go wrong. 

Many of the times they make the mistake of going with what the Realtor they just interviewed, tells them.  Here is why you can not afford, to list your home your self, at that suggested price. 

Recent data shows, over 90% of potential buyers are working with a Realtor. If you list your home now FSBO (for sale by owner) at x amount, lets say $250,000.  But there are 20 other homes, maybe more similar listed at the exact same price, what is the likeliness that your home is going to sell? or even get some showings? You are now blended in with everyone else.  Everyone else who may or may not be listed with a realtor. You now need to shine, to be able to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this, price lower. Price $2000, $5000 or $10,000 lower then the rest. Get attention. Get Noticed. Remember you don't have to accept any offer. It is your decision. 

**Tip**  Do not forget a buyer looking at your home, also has many tools to be able to assess the market value of a home.  Often buyers looking at For Sale By Owner homes are attracted to those homes because they assume, the home will be listed at market value less real estate commissions.  This is often not the case, because the Seller or FSBO seller makes the mistake of listing at what the Agent who evaluated there property, told them. 


2. Home staging

Did you know recent data provided to us from the real estate association of America shows homes for sale that have hired the services of a professional home staging company sell on average for over 30% higher.  And those same listed homes not only sell for more money, they sell on average 2.5 times faster.  I can count on one hand how many times I have been inside a For Sale By Owner home that was professionally staged.  Less then 5 for sure, and I visit 100s of homes every year. The reason? I could not tell you, but this is a must. Real estate Agents like my self are going to leverage there listings full potential and eat you for breakfast with professionally staged homes for sale.  Many agents like my self, hire at there own hard cost, these home staging and decor companies like Positive Home Staging in Surrey BB. Who will give a consultation at a fee, and a home staging if needed. So, FSBO **tip** do the same!  Hire a professional company in your area.  


3. Not advertising a Fee for a Buyers Agent or Realtor. 

This is the single largest mistake a FSBO (for sale by owner) can make. Why? Did you read above what the % of buyers who are working with Real estate agents to buy a home is? Over 90%. The other homes they are taking there clients through all have a listed or advertised fee or wage.  You should also.  Front and center so a realtor is not scarred to show your home. Make them want to show it. Recent data shows that over 80% of For Sale By Owner sellers agreed to pay a Realtor who brings them an offer a fee for that service.  Why not advertise it? 



Joe Pratap

Cloverdale Realtor 


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We just listed the best priced Town Home in Cloverdale.

Check it out now https://vimeo.com/120559216


76 7233 189th street Surrey BC

#cloverdale #realtor via www.cloverdalerealtor.com 


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Touring 1000s of homes every year, your Licensed Realtor is a wealth of knowledge.  One of the common questions I get asked all the time, especially when conducting a Home Evaluation is "How can I increase my homes value" or "What can I do to sell my home for more money"


So I published the top 5 ways you can increase your Homes Value. Simple.






According to staticbrain.com the average attention span of an Adult is less then 8 seconds.(that is less then a gold fish by the way)

So if a prospective buyers shopping actively for homes are touring your home, you want to make sure you Create as Much Space as possible.  This can be done easily and inexpensive, or costly and more complicated depending on the home.  The first thing you can do and the easiest is de clutter.  Pack up as many things you are not using or needing, especially during the time you intend to list your home and Get Them Out.  Store them, put them in a friends garage, or leave them with your parents.  We are talking about those high school year books, old kids toys discarded clothing that does not fit.  I have a golden rule when it comes to de cluttering, if you are not going to use an item in the next 90 days, GET IT OUT.

Once the home is clear, consider moving around furniture to create an open flowing floor plan.

Remember the more some one can picture themselves living in a home comfortably, the quicker you are going to sell!




Deferred Home Maintenance


If you are selling your home, no one wants to buy someone else’s problems.  A home purchase for most people is the largest asset they are going to acquire.  Things like, leaky appliances, snags in flooring, dents in walls, these are all things that turn off potential buyers.  And not only do they create a negative image of the home, when they are found at home inspection time, the smallest problem is viewed as a large costly one. With the end result not usually ending well.


So take a few weeks before selling, and do the work that may have been put off for a bit.  Fix the small things you know need to be fixed.  No one knows your home better then you do, so it should be an easy task.






Everyone drives by that one gorgeous home on the block.  It is in mint condition, well kept grass, clean front yard and the envy of the neighborhood.  Make that home yours.  Remember what I said earlier when discussing the need to create space, the human adults attention span is less then 8 seconds.  When someone is parking in your drive way, or in front of your home they are already judging your home before even entering.  If you are selling your home this is very important to take just as good care on the outside, as the inside.

Keep the lawn maintained, cut, weeded and clear of branches, leaves and debris. Store garbage containers and recycling out of view.

Cut all hedges and trees within reason to what would be considered regular grooming.  Now would also be the time to get out the pressure washer and take care of that drive way, or vinyl siding.  Oh and make sure if its not December, Take down those Christmas Lights!






Now this one could arguably be the most important, although I have ranked it as #2 on the list.  Paint.  A recent survey conducted on first time homes buyers has shown, that over 88% of All first time home buyers who purchased a home, agreed that New Paint was one of the largest reasons they decided to purchase a specific home.  New Paint.  Simple.  If you live in a larger detached home, that means you also need to consider paint colors of the exterior of the home as well.  Making sure your home stays current, not faded and definitely not out dated.  For the interior painting the homes neutral colors.  Beige, brown or grey.  Try and limit the interior to no more then 2 shades of colors.  I always advise clients thinking of repainting, to go view a few new homes for sale.  See what color the builders have chosen,  before going to the hard ware store or hiring a painter. 


A new cote of Paint goes a long way.




Clean and tidy


The best for last.  If I had a dollar for every time I showed a home to a buyer and we came across dirty laundry on the floor, dirty bathrooms, dirty dishes on the counters, spilled pet food.  The list could go on and on.  The reality is simple.  Your home becomes a product once for sale.  If your product does not look the best possible for the price it is for sale, guess what, it is not going to sell.  Go to a super market and look for canned food.  When there is a dented can of food or a torn label, what does someone do?  They grab the one behind it, or next to it.  You do not want that prospective buyer passing on your home because it is less then presentable on showings.


This means cleaning the home daily, or hiring someone who can if you do not have the time.

Replace all the burned out lights, (try and buy brighter more natural bulbs)

Buy a few air freshners and spread the same scented air freshner through out the home, especially if you are a pet owner.

Make sure you make all beds, vacuum after your pets, clear the kitchen counter tops and clean out the fridge and the rest of your appliances.  Buyers open them up, that 10 day old Chinese Food at the back of the fridge is not doing anything for the aroma of the home.




I am Joe Pratap, Sutton West Coast Realtor

Thanks for reading.




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When you think of Cloverdale what do you picture? 

When I was a kid I pictured a farm and smelled the same, when I thought of Cloverdale. 

Having moved here in 1992 from North Surrey, now 22 years and counting I still call Cloverdale home. I have seen the place I grew up in go from farm fields, with a few schools to a high demand for housing in areas with a need to continue building schools to keep up to it's ever changing population. 


But why is Cloverdale ,#Cloverdale such a popular place to live? 

Well for starters, Location. The Location is ideal for those who enjoy any or all of the following:

-Cross Border shopping to the United States

-40 Minute drive to YVR or Abbotsford International or Belligham international

-20 Minute drive to the Sky Train

-Some of the best schools in Surrey

-A historic down town strip and Cloverdale Fairgrounds

-Mix of affordable homes starting from $110,000

-Close proximity to highway 1 and highway 10

-Close to the beach (white rock and Crescent)

-Sports and recreation at the many rec centres and parks 


Not only is the location ideal, but there is a sense of a community feel in just about every area of Cloverdale. Clayton is one of the largest growing areas of all of the lowermainland. You can find just about everything you would like to know at the city of Surrey's website as well. Or feel free to call or email me anytime.


Joe Pratap Cloverdale Realtor






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Northview Walk 6177 169 St, Surrey, BC V3S 8X7, Canada LMS3713. Northview Walk is located on 169th Street and 61b Street in a convenient neighbourhood of Surrey. Built in 1999, Northview offers 16 homes that are self managed. This is a prime location just minutes away from Cheung Food Market, Wired Monk Bistro, and Cloverdale Athletic Park. Transit and major routes are close by and within walking distance. Northview Walk has a club house and allows pets with restrictions. Northview walk does not allow rentals.Enjoy west Cloverdale

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Ridgewood Estates is located in West Cloverdale at 16655 64th Avenue. This Executive style 74 unit Townhouse complex backs onto Northview Golf & Country Club. Townhouses in this complex range in size from approx. 1800 sqft. to 2800 sqft., have quality finishings, gas fireplaces, rooms down(basements) & double attached garages. The complex comes with a clubhouse with amenities, 2 guest suites & exercise room, as well as beautifully landscaped walkways and paths. Close to golf, shopping, restaurants, recreation facilities, one block to Cloverdale Athletic park, schools & Transit. Great location

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Latis - 5811 177b Street, BC V3S 1N4, 4 levels, 34 units. Crossing roads: 177B street and 58th Avenue. Rooted in the central Cloverdale neighborhood near Brick Yard Station Shopping Centre, you will find Latis - a collection of 34 unique condos developed and designed by Kerkhoff Construction Ltd., WG Architects and Megan Bennet Design as the interior designers.


Located in the vibrant Cloverdale community, Latis is steps away from the new Brick Yard Station shopping centre, Clova Cinema, IGA, Shopper Drug Mart, Cloverdale Mall, Clover Care Medical Clinic, Aradia Fitness Fraser Valley, and Surrey Museum and Achives. Also it's a short drive to the Fairgrounds, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Fraser Downs Racetrack and casino.

These one, two and three bedroom condos ranging from 634 to 1156 square feet feature distinct West Coast architecture. The exterior building and spaces will be professionally designed and landscaped and will contain large accent windows, exterior patios with tempered glass and wood balcony railing in addition to Hardi panel exterior with wood and brick accents. Also, the spacious main floor and rooftop patios will have large format 18 by 18 foot paving stone surfaces for durability and low maintenance living. Inside, every home features baseboard molding, designer broadloom carpeting, planked laminate floors, gourmet stainless steel appliances, quartz counters, glass tile backsplashes, spa inspired bathrooms with quartz counters, designer soaker tub, engineered tile floors, subway tiling surround, and American Standard fixtures.

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Augusta - 18211 70th Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 2N9, BCS3794 - Located the popular area of Cloverdale in Surrey on 70th Avenue and 182 Street. This is a convenient location that is close to transit, Shoppers Drug Mart, Extra Foods, Hillcrest Elementary, restaurants, shopping, trails, medical services, parks, recreation and more! Direct access to major transportation routes allows an easy commute to surrounding destinations including Langley, White Rock, Delta and Downtown Vancouver. Augusta offers 111 townhomes built in 2009/2010 by Vesta and are professionally managed. Most units feature three levels, bright open floor plans that range from 1485 to 1948 sq. ft., high 9' ceilings on the main floor, cozy fireplaces, insuite laundry, laminate flooring, flex rooms, gourmet kitchens with granite countertops, large fenced backyards with patio areas and double garages with ample storage space. This is a well maintained complex with features including playground amenities for the kids, manicured gardens and visitor parking. This is a multiple address complex including 18199 and 18211 70th Avenue. August offers luxury townhome living with affordable pricing, suitable for for everyone in a quiet and desirable neighbourhood in Surrey

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Mclellan Mews - 16718 60 Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 1J8


Located in the Cloverdale neighbourhood in Surrey on Old Mclellan Road and 60 Avenue. This is a prime location that is close to transit, Surrey Centre Elementary, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Cloverdale Mall, Shoppers Drugs Mart, Cloverdale Athletic Park, restaurants, recreation, medical services and more! Direct access to major highways allows an easy commute to surrounding destinations including Langley, Downtown Vancouver and White Rock.


Mclellan Mews offers 24 beautiful units and retail spaces built in 2006 and are professionally managed. Most units feature three levels, 9' ceilings, solid hardwood floors, gourmet kitchens with granite countertops, expansive windows, insuite laundry, extra storage space, single garages with additional parking available, private fenced backyards and balconies. This is a well maintained complex with features including visitor parking and playground amenities for the kids. This is a multiple address complex that includes 16718 60 Avenue and 5988 Old McLellan Road. McLellan Mews is a small family oriented complex that offers comfortable townhome living.


Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Cloverdale West.

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Looking for luxury living at affordable pricing downtown?


Aquarius II at 198 Aquarius Mews, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2Y4, strata plan LMS3903. Aquarius II is a 33 level tower with 184 units built in 1999. The Maintenance fee includes a caretaker, garbage pickup, gardening, gas, heat, water, recreational facility and management.


The Aquarius complex in on the north side of False Creek and sits between David Lam Park and Coopers Park. Crossroads are Davie Street and Marinaside Crescent. Near by theatres are The Roundhouse, Touchstone Theatre, Scotiabank Dance Centre and Vogue Theatre. You have convenient shopping at Pacific Centre, Kids Market, Royal Centre and Robson Street. Schools in the area are Elsie Roy Elementary School, Anderson National College, Rhodes Career Collefe, False Creek Elementary School and Pattison College Language Centre, to mention a few.


You will find excellent food at Choices Market, Nesters Market, Granville Food Market and Seymour Milano Market. For your enjoyment you have the False Creek Community Centre, Vancouver International Film Festivalm Empire Theatres and Cinemark Tinseltown Theatre.

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Laredo - 16772 61st Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 4P2, BCS1154 - Located in the West Cloverdale neighbourhood of Surrey on 61st Avenue and 168th Street. This is a prime location that is close to transit, Surrey Centre Elementary, Cloverdale Athletic Park, restaurants, medical services, shopping, coffee shops, Golf courses, parks, recreation and more! Direct access to major highways allows an easy commute to surrounding destinations including White Rock, Downtown Vancouver, Langley and Delta.


Laredo offers 95 luxury townhomes built in 2005 by Palladium that are professionally managed. Most homes feature three levels, 9' ceilings, cozy fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, gourmet kitchens, insuite laundry, extra storage, walk-in closets, oversized windows, double tandem garage and private backyards that are fully fenced with a patio area. This is a well maintained complex that has quality construction and details. Features include visitor parking and manicured gardens.


This is a multiple address complex that includes 16772 and 16789 60 Avenue. This is a great neighbourhood in Surrey, where it is much quieter then other parts of Cloverdale.

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If you are in the market for a Cloverdale townhome, make sure to check out the UPTOWN complex in Clayton Heights. This 156 unit complex situated off of 196th and 73rd ave (19525 73rd Surrey) has a "family orientated" type feel and bosts some fantastic features. From the pleasing Premium architecture, to the great ammenities room the Uptown living has unmatched size, space and affordable prices.


The complex is close to schools, parks and shopping. The Urban culture that is Clayton Heights shines with this conveniently located complex.


Consisting of 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom Town Homes, by January, 2014 the complex is already more then 50% SOLD.


The complex has Low strata fees starting at around $150 as of today January 24, 2014.


If you are looking for a Clayton Town Home, make sure to check out this address. As always, you can call or text me anytime for more information.


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Arbour Village is a 57 unit Townhouse complex located in West Cloverdale built in 2008. Arbour Village includings stylish interiors, modern kitchens, indulgent bathrooms & outdoor living spaces. Close to some of the best Surrey schools, Cloverdale Athletic Park, Northview Golf Course, shopping, restaurants & Transportation. Rainscreen technology with 2-5-10 Warranty. A great neighbourhood to raise your family.

The area is very family orientated and is situated with views of Mt Baker as well as Cloverdales historic farm areas south of highway 10 route 56.

This complex is well kept and smaller in size with only 57 units. There are many walking and running trails near bye with easy access to transit.
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