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Looking for the Best Restaurants in Cloverdale?

Take a look at this list that I have compiled to help make your decision on the next Cloverdale Restaurant you can dine out at. And take my advice, that of a 20+ year Cloverdale Resident

My favorite Fine dining spot: The Vault restaurant in Cloverdale's famous downtown neighborhood. Although the downtown Cloverdale area is probably best known for its use in the hit TV series "SMALLVILLE" it has a lot of great character stores and restaurants. My favorite fine dining spot is the Vault. This restaurant has a fantastic menu, that will not disappoint.  The pricing is great, meals range from $15 and up and they often have a very good special on through out the year. My favorite meal is the braised short ribs with mashed Potato's, give them a shot!

My Favorite Pub: This is a tough one. In recent years as Cloverdale has grown so much so many new businesses have opened up and thankfully brought new economic growth to the area.  Personally I am a sports pub sort of guy, but I like a place that I could meet a client at or even my mom for lunch and everyone enjoy them selves. That is why I think there is a 3 way tie, first The Henry in Down Town Cloverdale.  This is a rather new establishment who has a fantastic food menu and a very impressive beer menu.  The inside is nice and clean and has more of a intimate setting. If you try it out, give the Fried Pickles a try they are awesome!  Secondly, The Big Ridge Brew Pub which is on the border between Sullivan and Cloverdale really on highway 10.  This brew pub is both a restaurant and a pub and is the largest pub restaurant in Cloverdale. They have a lot of house beers on tap and if you go for food, check out there impressive WOK WEDNESDAY promotion. Lastly and not least by any means is Rusty's Neighborhood Pub.  Now this pub has been called at least 4 different names in the 20+ years I have lived here but most recently RUSTY'S. Located on 177 and 56 avenue this Pub has a live band/Karaoke on certain nights and is a very live place to watch a sporting game or a UFC paper view.  The food is good although the menu is simple, the Restaurant is very clean and there is a great community shuttle program to make sure people get home safely. Honestly, all three of these pubs are worth a try.

Favorite Breakfast Spot: This is a hands down easy victory for De Dutch on highway 10. This cute little breakfast spot is the best breakfast in Town. My favorite is the Farmers Breakfast!