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Thinking about making the move to Cloverdale and wanting some more information about the local high schools?

Being a Realtor and having grown up in the Cloverdale area I get asked all the time "what is the better high school?"  Well to be honest, I strongly believe both high schools in Cloverdale are great schools. Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary which is located at 6151 180th Street in Surrey's Cloverdale area was originally founded in 1946.  This is a Public school belonging to the school district of Surrey 36. The "Panthers" have great sports development programs which includes a hockey academy with some of the best coaching available, as well as a successful high school Football team.  Although the school is older than the newly built Clayton Heights, it is larger in size and is known in the community for its fantastic teaching.  (And I am not just saying that because I graduated there lol) The approximate enrollment as of January 2013 was 1920 children.

click here to see the Performance report of  Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary from the Fraser Institute

Clayton Heights Secondary opened its doors just over a decade ago with its first graduating class being the class of 2002. (which just so happens to be my lovely wife's Grad class)  When Clayton opened its doors, the population of Lord Tweedsmuir basically split by geographical area. Some made the change because it was a brand new school, new computers, new books and a new look.  Some of the teachers from Lord Tweedsmuir carried over to as well.  The Clayton Heights area has grown so much in the last 10 years that the school is now almost as big  as Lord Tweedsmuir, the approximate enrollment being as of Jan 2013 1280 children.

To view the school performance report of Clayton Heights Secondary from the Fraser Institute click here