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Part 2 of 5

“Preventative Maintenance”

Now this is a vital step in getting your home GAME READY. Make a list of things you may have been putting off fixing or repairing for a while. For some, this may be as simple as fixing that running toilet your spouse has been telling you about for months. For some people it may be more complex and expensive. The goal here in this part is to eliminate anything possible that a home inspection or a potential buyer is going to find. Another realtor once told me that around 25% of all homes she sold that did not complete, were due to a poor home inspection. I personally think that # may be even higher. So it is important to correct as many things before listing your home for sale.  Even the smallest details could mean the difference between slapping a SOLD sticker on that sign next week or not. I would start with the smallest and least expensive things possible, like replacing the worn caulking around a bath tub or sink. A tube of caulking costs around $3.99. Some other inexpensive things to look at that I hear my potential buyers talk about when viewing homes are:

-carpets shampoo/vacuum to get those stains or wear spots as clean as possible

-Fixing that running toilet

-Making sure door hinges are lubed or oiled to not make any noises

-Pressure washing. The driveway/garage/vinyl siding/patio anything you can remove those stains and dirt

-Replacing that furnace filter and vacuuming the vents inside the home

-Dry wall repairs/cracks

This is a small list of things that I come across as huge negatives from buyers while touring homes for sale. Even though most of these things are quick and easy fixes you need to remember a buyer views positives and negatives of every home they look at. You want more positives than you do negatives. The easiest way I explain “Preventative Maintenance” to my clients is think of it like this: If there are 2 identical homes for sale. Let’s say home A is priced at $400,000 and home B is priced at $405,000. Home B is polished, shows like a 10, no repairs needed. Home A is nice, not as in as nice condition but close. Let’s say the driveway and patio are covered with oil stains and moss, and the dry wall in the home has a few holes and needs some work. Which home would you buy?  Assuming everything is identical in size and location, home B is going to sell faster and for more money. Now you just need to decide which home you would like to be? Some people will even go one step further and do what is called a “Pre Home Inspection” Although in some cases this is may not be practical, in certain circumstances such as a very expensive property, or an older home this may prove to be more effective. A pre home inspection can be done by a certified home inspector for as low as $350.00. And it can save you time, and money. For more information about a Pre home inspection call me 6049920616.