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Part 3 of 5


Okay if you have been following the first two parts of this blog you are well on your way to being a step ahead of the game. This part focuses on what most believe is the best way too spend money before selling your home. We all have heard someone say ‘It takes money to make money” right? Well this is true and spending the money on paint will add value to your home and can be accomplished for a relatively small amount of money. Now, some people may hire a professional to do the job for you. Some might invite a friend or family member over and get some painting done while sharing a bottle of wine or maybe a few beers. For an interior, a gallon of paint is relatively cheap and supplies to do so are as well. Most department stores sell some type of kit which will have rollers, tape, and brushes all in one tray. You can paint the average 2000 sq foot home yourself for less than $1000. You don’t need to buy high end designer paint either, although I am a fan of the tone and quality companies like Benjamin Moore have to offer, the home depot bare brand of paint will suffice for most people. (here is a tip though make sure you buy the paint and primer all in one)

Start one room at a time and spend some time researching what modern colors are at the time. This season I saw a lot of grey tones being used in show homes and renovated homes. Although experts do say pick subtle neutral colors to re paint so that the color appeals to more people. I think new modern looking paint is the way to go. (another tip make sure to pick up some white paint to repaint those baseboards, doors and mouldings after you finish painting walls. This adds a fresh look and will cover any possible dents and wear and tear spots over the years. Now one thing that some people over look is the ceiling. If there are any stains on a ceiling from old water leaks, discoloration from the sun or electrical fixtures do not overlook these, paint the ceiling also. It is very obvious when someone looks at a ceiling stain it is a immediate turn off for a potential buyer, even if it is a small stain, most will begin to question if a tub may have over flowed above or a roof leak caused the stain.  

Now if the home is older and especially when dealing with detached homes, you may want to consider giving the outside a fresh coat of paint as well. Wood siding is the easiest and least expensive to paint and you would be amazed what a difference this will add to your curb appeal. If the home has vinyl siding look to do paint touch ups on any wood areas and or trim. A simple pressure wash of the vinyl is usually good enough.

Something to think about is back to that comparison of home A and home B back in part 2 of this blog. If home B is fully painted with a more modern color scheme and home A was not, had many wear spots on the walls and mouldings and featured the original paint that was current 18 years ago, how likely is it now that home b would sell quicker and for more money. I am going to say very likely.