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Part 5 of 5

Concluding this 5 part blog is the easiest and most basic installment yet. Clean! Sounds easy enough right? But not only do you need to get the home clean you need to maintain and keep it that way. Your Realtor is going to hopefully have showings, sometimes on short notice or possibly not at a opportune time. As the home owner you need to keep the home "GameReady" every day. Because you never know when a prospected buyer is going to be touring your home. When I am showing my clients possible homes I like to walk through every room as it flows so we can look at everything we need too. One of the biggest Negatives I come across is a messy or worse filthy bathroom or bedroom. Your home is arguably your largest financial asset. You want it to shine. Ensure your bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen are presentable. A clean presentable home is a home someone wants to buy. That should be the ultimate goal.