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All right so you are getting ready to sell your home. You are excited right? You picked a great Realtor and paper work is going to be signed soon or maybe already is signed and ready. What is the ideal end result?  To sell your home should be.  But who wouldn’t want to sell it faster? And who wouldn’t want to get more money for it?  I learned early in my career from another Realtor with 40+ years of experience that a home seller needs to be ready. Part of my job is to educate and do what is necessary to achieve that goal of Quicksale+top Dollar= SOLD

These 5 steps are to aid in that process and maybe not the only steps needed in some cases, but they will put you on your way:

Part 1

“DE clutter”

Now you probably have heard this before.  After all, every home buying and selling show on TV talks about this right? But to officially get in GAME SHAPE (and you will hear me say that word a lot).  If you only follow one piece of advice from this 5 part blog; DO THIS STEP. De cluttering does not mean moving one rooms mess to the basement, or garage. Take this time to officially get rid of anything you no longer use; any garbage or old electronics, old clothing from High School, furniture you are not taking in the move. Anything you are not wanting in your new home start getting it out now. It is going to save you time and you need to think like a potential buyer. What do they want to see in your home?  A room full of old TVs and DVDs? They want to see a room that is large, not crowded and easy to picture what it will look like as that office, nursery or bedroom.

 Now I realize this is easier said than done for some people. It may even mean a few trips to the City dump for some. But also consider this may be a time to hold a garage sale. Sell off a few items that you may no longer need. Also consider donating a lot of things that maybe you won’t use as well. Numerous organizations like the Salvation Army, Clothesline, Big Brother and more offer free drop off spots and some even free pickups.  My suggestion to my clients is simple: Start with a list. Name all the things you do not need. Then start room by room, moving the majority of things out to one designated area. Then make arrangements to remove the items no longer wanted. Once the home is beginning to empty, this will give you an opportunity to start cleaning and preventative maintenance. (Which we will discuss in Part 2)

The home does not need to be empty. But it does need to be presentable. Think like you are the one who is house hunting. Think what they would want to see. Having a more open space, clean and clear and ready to help visualize to any potential buyer is our end result. This is easy to do and will provide you with results.