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Touring 1000s of homes every year, your Licensed Realtor is a wealth of knowledge.  One of the common questions I get asked all the time, especially when conducting a Home Evaluation is "How can I increase my homes value" or "What can I do to sell my home for more money"


So I published the top 5 ways you can increase your Homes Value. Simple.






According to the average attention span of an Adult is less then 8 seconds.(that is less then a gold fish by the way)

So if a prospective buyers shopping actively for homes are touring your home, you want to make sure you Create as Much Space as possible.  This can be done easily and inexpensive, or costly and more complicated depending on the home.  The first thing you can do and the easiest is de clutter.  Pack up as many things you are not using or needing, especially during the time you intend to list your home and Get Them Out.  Store them, put them in a friends garage, or leave them with your parents.  We are talking about those high school year books, old kids toys discarded clothing that does not fit.  I have a golden rule when it comes to de cluttering, if you are not going to use an item in the next 90 days, GET IT OUT.

Once the home is clear, consider moving around furniture to create an open flowing floor plan.

Remember the more some one can picture themselves living in a home comfortably, the quicker you are going to sell!




Deferred Home Maintenance


If you are selling your home, no one wants to buy someone else’s problems.  A home purchase for most people is the largest asset they are going to acquire.  Things like, leaky appliances, snags in flooring, dents in walls, these are all things that turn off potential buyers.  And not only do they create a negative image of the home, when they are found at home inspection time, the smallest problem is viewed as a large costly one. With the end result not usually ending well.


So take a few weeks before selling, and do the work that may have been put off for a bit.  Fix the small things you know need to be fixed.  No one knows your home better then you do, so it should be an easy task.






Everyone drives by that one gorgeous home on the block.  It is in mint condition, well kept grass, clean front yard and the envy of the neighborhood.  Make that home yours.  Remember what I said earlier when discussing the need to create space, the human adults attention span is less then 8 seconds.  When someone is parking in your drive way, or in front of your home they are already judging your home before even entering.  If you are selling your home this is very important to take just as good care on the outside, as the inside.

Keep the lawn maintained, cut, weeded and clear of branches, leaves and debris. Store garbage containers and recycling out of view.

Cut all hedges and trees within reason to what would be considered regular grooming.  Now would also be the time to get out the pressure washer and take care of that drive way, or vinyl siding.  Oh and make sure if its not December, Take down those Christmas Lights!






Now this one could arguably be the most important, although I have ranked it as #2 on the list.  Paint.  A recent survey conducted on first time homes buyers has shown, that over 88% of All first time home buyers who purchased a home, agreed that New Paint was one of the largest reasons they decided to purchase a specific home.  New Paint.  Simple.  If you live in a larger detached home, that means you also need to consider paint colors of the exterior of the home as well.  Making sure your home stays current, not faded and definitely not out dated.  For the interior painting the homes neutral colors.  Beige, brown or grey.  Try and limit the interior to no more then 2 shades of colors.  I always advise clients thinking of repainting, to go view a few new homes for sale.  See what color the builders have chosen,  before going to the hard ware store or hiring a painter. 


A new cote of Paint goes a long way.




Clean and tidy


The best for last.  If I had a dollar for every time I showed a home to a buyer and we came across dirty laundry on the floor, dirty bathrooms, dirty dishes on the counters, spilled pet food.  The list could go on and on.  The reality is simple.  Your home becomes a product once for sale.  If your product does not look the best possible for the price it is for sale, guess what, it is not going to sell.  Go to a super market and look for canned food.  When there is a dented can of food or a torn label, what does someone do?  They grab the one behind it, or next to it.  You do not want that prospective buyer passing on your home because it is less then presentable on showings.


This means cleaning the home daily, or hiring someone who can if you do not have the time.

Replace all the burned out lights, (try and buy brighter more natural bulbs)

Buy a few air freshners and spread the same scented air freshner through out the home, especially if you are a pet owner.

Make sure you make all beds, vacuum after your pets, clear the kitchen counter tops and clean out the fridge and the rest of your appliances.  Buyers open them up, that 10 day old Chinese Food at the back of the fridge is not doing anything for the aroma of the home.




I am Joe Pratap, Sutton West Coast Realtor

Thanks for reading.

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