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Being an avid hockey player and volleyball player my garage has often looked more like a flea market then a garage at times.  If you drive by my Cloverdale home my hockey gear is probably drying out on a rack.  Like the thousands of other BC residents especially in the Lower Mainland, I had an abundance of old sporting goods equipment I no longer needed.  At one time I had three pairs of hockey gloves (all used) a tennis racket (used once) and 2 pairs of ski boots that didn't even fit me.  

So what does one do with there no longer needed sporting goods equipment in BC?  Well for starters the days of taking it down to your local sporting goods store are long gone.  Pawn shops, are a dying breed as well.  And You no as well as I do, we are not slimming down that extra 55 lbs to get back into that diving gear that fit you back in the eighth grade.  

Solution.  Kids sport BC.  If you are no longer in need of your equipment and it looks like I is still usable and not ready for the garbage dumpster, donate it.  KidSport was established in 1993 by Sport BC. KidSport is a community based sport-funding program that provides grants for children 18 and under to participate in a sport season of their choice. There are 40 community chapters in BC and over 175 chapters across Canada. With the help from dedicated corporate partners, KidSport works to fulfill its mission of eliminating the financial barriers to sport participation, ‘So ALL Kids Can Play!’

KidSport™ provides children with:

  • The opportunity to enjoy a season of children’s sport programming
  • Healthy habits that will last their whole lives
  • Skills including leadership, decision making, critical thinking, hard work, dedication, and self confidence
  • Access to mentorship and guidance from coaches

How can you donate your old gear and put it to good use today?  Well you can visit them and get more information