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When you think of Cloverdale what do you picture? 

When I was a kid I pictured a farm and smelled the same, when I thought of Cloverdale. 

Having moved here in 1992 from North Surrey, now 22 years and counting I still call Cloverdale home. I have seen the place I grew up in go from farm fields, with a few schools to a high demand for housing in areas with a need to continue building schools to keep up to it's ever changing population. 


But why is Cloverdale ,#Cloverdale such a popular place to live? 

Well for starters, Location. The Location is ideal for those who enjoy any or all of the following:

-Cross Border shopping to the United States

-40 Minute drive to YVR or Abbotsford International or Belligham international

-20 Minute drive to the Sky Train

-Some of the best schools in Surrey

-A historic down town strip and Cloverdale Fairgrounds

-Mix of affordable homes starting from $110,000

-Close proximity to highway 1 and highway 10

-Close to the beach (white rock and Crescent)

-Sports and recreation at the many rec centres and parks 


Not only is the location ideal, but there is a sense of a community feel in just about every area of Cloverdale. Clayton is one of the largest growing areas of all of the lowermainland. You can find just about everything you would like to know at the city of Surrey's website as well. Or feel free to call or email me anytime.


Joe Pratap Cloverdale Realtor